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What about specifying permissions based on a field value?

first post: LoisLane wrote: I would like to restrict the permissions of an item to whoever is l...

latest post: lefortludovic wrote: Hello. No you will not be able to do that.

Upgrade to 2010 issues?

first post: bkgoug wrote: Do you know what, if any, issues there are if the farm is upgraded ...

latest post: bkgoug wrote: Thanks for the fast response.  The client is hoping to upgrade to 2...

specify all others

first post: backtrack wrote: isn't it possible to give the creator contribute and all the other ...

latest post: backtrack wrote: Hi Ludovic, do you think it is possible to choose as "New permissi...


first post: NiskyPTO wrote: Does this solution work with FBA sites?

latest post: lefortludovic wrote: I never try, but that should work ...

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